Why make videos for Amazon? The answer: Because great Amazon product videography can elevate your products to the next level. Utilizing Amazon product videos can help potential buyers understand your brand and allow them to make online purchasing decisions more precisely. The right product video can effectively optimize your listing, increase your conversions and help reduce negative reviews by clearly stating what the product offers and its benefits to online shoppers.

Below, here are some things to keep in mind to help your Amazon product videos be the best they can be.

Know Your Strategy

An effective strategy is vital and when executed properly, will save you plenty of time and money later for your Amazon product videos. How is your brand positioned and in what way will the video production present it? Consider your audience: who are these lifestyle product videos intended for? Where will they watch it? Are you planning on creating video shorts? Are you creating multiple videos for product variations? Most importantly, what action do you want viewers to take after viewing?

These are all important questions to answer – not only does it prevent unnecessary work but planning out your Amazon product video strategy will help you create content targeted for your audience and ensure you are showing off your brand right and on point. When done right, it minimizes your budget costs all the while maximizing your total output. Identify how you want your product to be presented and how it helps the customer want to buy it. Most importantly

Pick The Right Format

An important aspect of your video strategy is deciding exactly what type of videos you plan to produce. Understanding what video formats work best for your product is key to producing great Amazon product videos. Knowing what these videos will look like will help inform the content and length and most importantly, show off your products well.

Consider the goals you’ve decided during the strategy phase and then choose the format that best helps provide your ideal customer with the right information. Here are some commonly used video styles to get you started!

  • Product close-ups: Clean, simple, and solely focused on the product. These videos can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. Think about the experience of interacting with the product in a storefront and try to recreate the feeling with your Amazon product video.
  • How-tos: Great for showing off products that are practical and complex. You can highlight special features and go through frequently asked questions so potential buyers can fully understand the value of your product. Bonus – these work great as social content!
  • Installation guides: If you have a product that looks complicated to buyers, creating videos that show them precisely how they can install or build your products with zero hassle can be a gamechanger to increasing conversions.
  • Unboxings: If your products come in cool packaging, making an Amazon product video to show it off will go down great with customers looking to know exactly what they’ll get when they order your product.
  • Customer experiences: Designed to help customers see the product in use by other customers, this type of Amazon product review works great with products that you can interact with directly. It helps buyers understand what they’re in for and what the product can do for them.

Know Your Script

When putting together a script, the key to standing out is to double down on quality. Every word and image in an Amazon product video script should count.

With Amazon product videos, you should be looking to show, not tell. Plan out your shots for maximum visual impact. If you have a great brand story or a trusted name, look at how you can incorporate that into your script. What about narration? Will you use an off-camera voiceover or tell the story through captions?

Focus on the product’s benefits, address all necessary pain points and communicate crucial information – all the while keeping it engaging. Key features, product variation details, common frequently asked questions should all be considered as these will help you plot out the narrative for your script. A common narrative followed in Amazon product video scripts is: highlight a problem then the product comes in to save the day.

Make sure to avoid mentioning prices, discounts, or time-sensitive information in your Amazon product videos. Not only are these official Amazon guidelines, but you’ll have a hard time maximizing the video’s usage as evergreen content when it uses language like “limited time offer” or “on sale now.”

Invest in High Quality and High Tech

Thanks to advances in camera, editing, lighting, and post-production technology, high-quality product videos are cheaper than ever to produce. Creating standout Amazon product videos are now incredibly cost-effective.

But avoid the temptation to say “we’ll fix it in the post” and embrace one of two options: invest in quality production gear for creating outstanding Amazon product videos or hire an agency or production company experienced in Amazon product videography. Put your brand and products in the best possible light and investing in professional Amazon product videography will pay for itself with increased sales over time.

Before you’re ready to start your shoot, ensure the following:

  • Branding elements for your video. This could be your logo, your colors, even clothing that can be used in the video
  • Test out all the equipment and make sure the space for filming is prepared.
  • That all graphic elements, photos, and even audio are of high quality.
  • Multiple copies of your product for filming purposes.

Keep It Short and Communicate Clearly

Attention spans are fleeting. Think about the most impactful ads you’ve seen – one thing they likely had in common was they knew when to capture your attention from the get-go.

Keep your videos under one minute. Assume potential customers won’t stick around until the end of your videos. Give them all of the important information immediately. Make every shot count. Don’t go for long introductions or filler. Whether you decide to use high-quality footage of the product in action or appeal to the audience emotionally, look to make a connection precisely with impact.

But most importantly, make sure your videos communicate with clear intent. These videos are intended to help you sell products after all! Don’t get distracted with stylish effects or dramatic cuts; your video should be simply about the product and its uses.