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Why do I need Amazon Seller Insurance?

Starting September 1st, 2021, Amazon has made liability insurance coverage mandatory for all Amazon Sellers with sales over $10k a month.

Besides Amazon’s mandatory requirement this is one part of business that is always overlooked the most.

Opening your products to Amazon’s customer base of 300 million people is so exciting that it’s easy to forget about mundane business matters like liability coverage. Even if your Amazon ecommerce business is just a side hustle for now, you’ve got to get your ducks in a row. Fail to do so, and you can face serious consequences, including permanent suspension of your Amazon seller account.

Having a solid insurance policy is essential for futureproofing your Amazon ecommerce business so you can sell for a long time to come, without a lawsuit ruining everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

From exploding vape pens to fire-starting hair dryers, lawsuits are brought against Amazon and third-party sellers all the time. If this happens to you, you want to be protected against the financial consequences.

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    What does Amazon Seller Insurance cover?

    General liability insurance

    provides protection from third-party liability in a number of scenarios that can hurt your business.

    Personal and advertising injury

    Selling on Amazon is competitive. A competitor could claim you stole their product idea. You could accidentally use copyrighted material in your product listing. Fortunately, commercial general liability insurance offers coverage for third-party claims of libel, slander, and intellectual property infringement.

    Non-employee, 3rd party bodily injury

    When you sell on Amazon, you’re probably not the only one touching your products. You may have vendors who help with manufacturing, shipping, and packaging your orders. If they get injured while visiting your place of business (even if it’s just your garage), they can bring a claim against you. If you also operate a brick-and-mortar, the same goes for your in-store customers. If they get hurt, they may sue you

    3rd Party property damage

    General liability also offers coverage for third-party property damage. If you break something and you don’t own it, you could be liable — whether that property is owned by a vendor, customer, or a complete stranger.

    Commercial general liability policies also include product liability, sometimes referred to as “products and completed operations.” Product liability coverage covers scenarios where a third party claims that your product injured them, damaged their property, made them sick, or caused their death.

    It’s important to note that general liability insurance provides coverage for the investigation, defense, and settlement of these types of claims — whether or not you are ultimately found at fault.


    Clients Testimonials

    Amazon has recently mandated all sellers to get business insurance if they do $10,000.00 sale a month. Only giving 30 days to upload the proof of insurance. After going through few companies, I stumbled upon Ecommerce Gateway, they were quick in responding and the price was way better. I usually don’t provide feedback, but professionalism received by Ecommerce Gateway made me write this review.

    Hasan R LLC
    Baber Riaz

    I received email from Amazon on needing $1 Million business insurance on my seller account as it crossed $10,000.00 sale in a month. This is a new policy started September 1st of 2021. I forgot about the email and remembered only when I had 4 days left to provide insurance. I reached out to Ecommerce Gateway, and they were not only able to get me the insurance within this short period but also a good price as well. Great team of people to work with!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    here are the answers of the most common questions we asked from our valued customers.

    No. As of September 1st 2021, Amazon only requires Professional Sellers making sales of more than $10k to carry general liability insurance

    However, that sales threshold could change at any time. So, even if it does not reflect your current sales, or if you’re not currently a Pro seller, it’s a good idea to protect your Amazon business with general liability insurance.

    Sales fluctuate from month to month, and your business plans can change. When your sales skyrocket, or you take the leap to be a Pro Merchant, you’ll be focused on celebrating, not whether you’ve hit Amazon’s insurance threshold. You don’t want to find yourself in hot water with Amazon simply because you forgot to purchase insurance. Protect yourself with general liability insurance now, and you can stay focused on your business.

    Amazon requires you to have $1 million insurance regardless of your sales as you cross $10k a month.

    We can work with you to see what your actual sales are to get you the best possible rates, and at the same time be covered for liability of $1 million.

    Your commercial liability insurance policy must meet all the following criteria:

    1. The policy limit must be at least $1 million per occurrence and in aggregate, and cover liabilities caused or occurred in conjunction with your business operations, including products, products or completed operations and injury.
    2. The insurance policy type can be either commercial general, umbrella, or excess liability and be based on occurrence.
    3. Your insurance provider must have global claim handling capability and a financial rating of S&P (https://www.spglobal.com/ratings/en/sector/insurance/insurance-sector) A- or AM Best (https://www.ambest.com/home/default.aspx) A- or better (if S&P or AM best is not valid, a local equivalent is allowed).
    4. Your insurance provider must give Amazon at least 30 days’ notice of cancellation, modification or nonrenewal.
    5. The policy must name “Amazon.com Services LLC and its affiliates and assignees” as additional insureds.
    6. The deductible for any policy must not be greater than $10,000 and any deductible amount must be listed on the certificate(s) of insurance.
    7. The policy must cover all sales from products you have listed on Amazon.
    8. Your insured name must match the “legal entity” name you provided to Amazon. To view your legal entity name, go to: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/sw/AccountInfo/LegalEntity/step/LegalEntity.
    9. The policy must be complete in its entirety and signed.