1 Some Commonly Asked Questions

So we’re not going to be answering questions about how we keep our soufflés from collapsing or how our hair always looks so great; no, this is more in the realm of where we really excel… inventory management.

2 First question: How do I sign up for Zenventory?

Easy, you contact one of our awesome Zenventory experts, or Zenseis, as we fondly refer to them as, and not only will they give you a complete walk through of the software, but they will even get you set up! You can schedule your demo here.

3 Second: How does the pricing work?

Zenventory is a robust software that works for many different business types. We like to put emphasis on the smaller and medium-sized businesses as they are the ones who really need to optimize and discover their hidden efficiency potential! Each plan comes with different features like cycle counting (or inventory stock checks), kitting options, online marketplace integrations like Amazon, WooCommerce, and more, connecting their third party shipping solution, like our partner, Ship Works, or the stunning Ship Station, and also the amount of warehouses that you have and the number of SKUs you are going to need. No two businesses are the same and that’s what we like about you. By having a little pow-wow with a Zensei, we can help you get the most out of our favorite inventory software.

4 If I have clients, how does Zenventory handle their orders?

Great question. When you sign up with Zenventory, even in your first free 30 days, you are able to connect your online marketplaces with Zenventory and they can talk back and forth, keeping your stock levels accurate as well as transmitting orders into the Zenventory for processing. We also like talking about companies like Ship Works and Ship Station, with whom we proudly integrate with, and how they offer so many different shipping and e-Commerce integrations that you don’t even need to think twice about shopping around. It’s all literally right here.

5 How can we do this so inexpensively?

You flatter us. Our platform relies on the cost-efficient combination of home-grown modern cloud software and mobile applications. And with a low overhead located in the business-friendly city of Phoenix, Arizona, we not only keep things local but we also have a great in-house development and creative team.

6 Tell me about the other cool stuff.

Zenventory offers customizable web portals to allow your clients direct online access for specified tasks – with boundaries set by you. When you first log in to your Zenventory dashboard, you are able to move around and choose what you see based on your operational needs. For example, be greeted by how many orders are waiting to be picked, how many shipments are expected, and how your stock levels are looking, just to name a few.

Also, we cannot stress enough how awesome our integration with ShipWorks, ShipStation, ProShip, and the likes are for customers just like you. Their vast library of connected shipping and online marketplace services allows Zenventory to be robust and available to you.

We also offer assisted set up! You don’t have to go it alone when you start with Zenventory. You have access to dedicated support and initial training with a Zenventory expert technician to ensure a smooth transition and successful launch.

Was there anything we didn’t cover? Please speak to our consultant +1(331) 262-5727 or email us at support@ecommercegateway.com.We would be delighted to speak with you and answer any and all of your questions regarding inventory management and how our amazing software can get the most out of your company’s time, money, and employees. Take a look at our full list of features or integrating partners.