Multichannel E-Commerce Software Integration

Streamline order fulfillment by connecting Zenventory to more than 70 of the world’s top e-commerce solutions. Collect orders from multiple online stores and keep them updated with current inventory levels. Streamline shipping with integrated UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping systems. Move data between Zenventory and popular accounting systems.

Inventory and Order Management for Online Marketplaces

This giant marketplace has changed how consumers shop. Join more than 10,000 entailers to manage orders and inventory for your Amazon marketplace.

Sell to more than 160 million shoppers while exchanging Realtime inventory with eBay. Download eBay orders for easy fulfillment. 

Zenventory is approved by Shopify and on the Shopify app store. Simply navigate to the  Shopify app store. Click add app and follow the simple setup to propel your Shopify inventory management and order fulfillment to the next level.

Magento powers twice as many top retailers on the world’s most flexible platform. We get orders from Magento and update real time inventory levels so you can avoid overselling. Learn more about connecting Magento to Zenventory and what data is exchanged

Over 30 million downloads leads to WooCommerce powering over 28% of online stores. 

Zenventory is approved by BigCommerce and on the BigCommerce app store. Simply navigate to the BigCommerce app store and click Get This App to amp up your BigCommerce inventory management and  order fulfillment.

Walmart’s marketplace for online sellers is picking up steam. Zenventory’s full stack integration is coming soon.

Streamline Order Fulfillment Using our Integrated Shipping Partners

Simple setup gets your shipping fast with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and others. A highly integrated shipping platform with tons of marketplace integrations. Orders from these ShipStation integrations download to Zenventory for order picking and to manage inventory.

A highly integrated shipping platform with tons of marketplace integrations lets you ship with deep discounts using USPS. Ship with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others. Download orders from these various integrations into Zenventory for managing inventory

Over 90 marketplace integrations pass through to Zenventory for inventory management and order picking. Ship with UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and others. Get USPS discounts at commercial base or plus rates.

Using your own personnel to deliver shipments? Zenventory integrates with SqBx, a routing and delivery management system. Use rugged mobile devices to scan and deliver shipments capturing a signature from the recipient at the point of delivery.

Automatically import orders from over 50 carts. Get a global view of carriers rates from one screen. Receive a 60% discount on USPS base rates and 10% on FedEx shipments. ShipRush integrates with US and global parcel, freight, LTL carriers and more.

OnShip offers loads of online marketplace and ERP/WMS integrations via their API, Cloud, Local PC & Server editions. Use their national shipping rate discount programs to lower your shipping costs in a big way across DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Regional Parcel Carriers, and dozens of LTL freight carriers. From $29/month.

Track Inventory with our Featured Hardware and Software Platforms

Zenventory is certified on Janam’s XT2 for Android. The XT2 is a rugged scanning machine that will mobilize your warehouse staff.

Turn your warehouse into a scanning and printing rockathon using Zenventory certified Zebra mobile computers, laser scanners, and label printers.

Zenventory offers two apps on the Google app store. For basic inventory needs get ZenZang for Zenventory. Our more powerful Zenventory mobile let’s you do many of the functions you can do with the full blown system.

Coming soon!  Pro inventory for iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad with Zenventory Mobile.  Call us to learn more.

Create your own custom integration to Zenventory using a choice of REST or SOAP web services programmer’s interfaces. Exchange orders, get inventory levels, get shipping data, and much more.

Track Inventory with our Featured Hardware and Software Platforms

Over 4 million businesses use QuickBooks to manage their financials. Zenventory supports seamless data exchange with QuickBooks Online.  Call us today to discuss how Zenventory can upgrade your inventory management, e-commerce integration, and shipping processes.

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