I just want to share my positive experience with Ecommerce Gateway with anyone struggling to run Amazon business and is looking for someone to help.
I have a full-time job in IT. I wanted to do something on the side to earn extra money and eventually build my own successful business. Utilizing my evenings and Weekends, I started my ecommerce venture in mid-2020.
I started with Private Label, but it soon started to struggle due to supply chain issues across the world. Not only the delay in getting the goods but the cost of goods and shipping just didn’t help in sustaining PL model for a new small business like mine.
While trying to stop the loses and switch the business model, I spoke to a dear friend Shan Shaheen. He recommended to checkout Ecommerce Gateway for consulting. I spoke directly to the owner Shahid Ali and explained my current situation. Shahid was very cooperative and spent time understanding my situation. He provided multiple detailed solutions for me to do business on Amazon.
After considerable thought and evaluation of the different models presented, I went with “Ecommerce Gateway Managed Services”. It not only took my daily stress away from me, but I started to earn after investing and losing thousands of dollars for about a year. Ecommerce Gateway took my monthly sales to $150k a month within 3-4 months.
Now, while Ecommerce Gateway is managing my business, I am worry free, spending and enjoying my time with family during my evenings and weekends.
Big shout out to Shan Shaheen for recommendation and Shahid Ali to make it happen.
Thank you for all your help!!!
Baber Riaz