From the moment I immigrated to Canada with my family I’ve had a 9-5 job because at the moment that seemed as the most consistent way of bringing income. There is no risk involved. I didn’t have to worry about losing money or stressing to have to keep a business going and growing constantly.
But recently, I have been engaging in business with E-commerce Gateway- online entrepreneurship with Amazon. I came across E-commerce Gateway by great word of mouth by a few friends who had been working with them. I reached out to the CEO – Shahid Ali. He explained to me in laymen’s terms the idea of selling and working with Amazon.
He was very thorough in his explanation and gained my confidence. He treated my money as his money and helped me make more money. I think of this as an investment while still working my 9-5. It’s like putting your money in an investment account expect the return is a lot higher in this business.
My advice: One of the biggest advantages of online entrepreneurship and working with E-commerce Gateway is it doesn’t matter who you are or what you did in the past. All that matters is what you are willing to do to succeed. It is very important to find the right person you can trust to invest your money with –
I can confidently say that about E-commerce Gateway.
Muhammad Abbas